Freedive Central Ranking List by disciplines (data from *closed* competitions for the current year)

InDoor disciplines
STA Male freedivers Female freedivers
DYF Male freedivers Female freedivers
DNF Male freedivers Female freedivers
OutDoor disciplines
CWT Male freedivers Female freedivers
CNF Male freedivers Female freedivers
FIM Male freedivers Female freedivers

The AIDA OFFICIAL WORLD RANKING only takes in consideration competitions following AIDA International rules and respecting ranking criterias.

This quiet demanding criterias discourage some organizers whose competitions wont be represented in the AIDA OFFICIAL WORLD RANKING.

The AIDA OFFICIAL WORLD RANKING remains the main reference.

The FREEDIVE CENTRAL RANKING includes the AIDA OFFICIAL WORLD RANKING plus every AIDA competition ran under any kind of AIDA rules ( National or International )

The FREEDIVE CENTRAL RANKING covers a widest number of AIDA competitions and will help promoting every single event. Big and small competitions from all around the world… new freedivers…old champions. That is what our ranking is made of.

Still, the AIDA OFFICIAL WORLD RANKING remains the main reference.

Key: STA - Static Apnea
DYF - Dynamic Apnea with Fins
DNF - Dynamic Apnea without Fins
CWT - Constant Weight
CNF - Constant Weight without Fins
FIM - Free Imersion

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