Alexandre Dostie
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Country: Canada
Contact by: e-mail
Notes: Video https://vimeo.com/dostie

Personal bests:
Static: 5:31 minutes Constant Weight: 23 meters Free Immersion: 38 meters

Where do I usually dive:
Fell in love with freediving while in Utila, Honduras. Dove for 2 weeks and went back home. Now I'm exploring around Quebec for new spot, keeping the passion growing.

Favourite freediving spots:
Any hole with water.

Best freediving experience:
The 38 meters / 3 minutes dive... Was so smooth and slow, felt like a dream. Shutting the voice of my conscience at 20 meter and sink to the bottom... Standing there, feeling the pressure and then glide back up. Feeling reborn literally... Amazing feeling! And after that, the beer... Oh... The beer.

Performances realized:
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