Roberta Cenedese
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Country: Canada
Address: Vancouver, BC
WebSite: visit, Contact by: e-mail
Notes: Mostly a recreational diver.

Personal bests:

Where do I usually dive:
Vancouver, B.C.

Favourite freediving spots:
Anywhere there is an ocean to explore.

Best freediving experience:
My 40th birthday: Baja, dusk, scalloped hammerhead shark...and then on the boat afterward, eating dinner and watching shark fins cut the water while the sun was setting.

Performances realized:

Constant Weight Apnea
Rnk Top AP RP Pen. Pts. Comp./arr. Date
56 56 50 40 11 29 Canadian Depth Nationals 2009-08-01

Constant Weight Apnea without Fins
Rnk Top AP RP Pen. Pts. Comp./arr. Date
-- -- - -- -- Canadian Depth Nationals 2009-08-01

Free Immersion Apnea
Rnk Top AP RP Pen. Pts. Comp./arr. Date
11 11 40 40 1 39 Canadian Depth Nationals 2009-08-01


AP - Announced Performance
RP - Realized Performance
Pen. - Penalty Points
Pts. - Actual Given Points

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