Rik Rösken
AIDA Instrutor - Instructor

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Country: Netherlands
WebSite: visit, Contact by: e-mail
Notes: AIDA International Instructor since 2004. I am giving an limited amount of courses in the Netherlands in co-operation with local clubs and schools. All courses are booked full for the year 2007. Contact me for information regarding 2008.

Personal bests:
In competition (01-01-007): Static Apnea: 5.31, Dynamic Apnea With Fins: 100 m, Dynamic Apnea Without Fins: 66 m, Constant Weight with Fins: 40 m, Free Immersion: 37 m.

Where do I usually dive:
Maarseveense plassen,The Netherlands, Vinkeveense plassen, The Netherlands

Favourite freediving spots:
Ansel Point, Vancouver B.C., Canada La Roche Fontaine, Francismont, Belgium

Best freediving experience:
Ansel Point: I dived through the murky river water. The darkness increased with depthand at a certain point is was almost completely dark. Suddenly I broke through the layer of river water and entered sea water. This water was clear and illuminated by a strange blue light. Below me I saw the rocks of Ansel point disappearing into the abyss. I changed course and followed the rocks to the surface. I was slightly boyant and could 'fly' through the crevasses back to the surface towards the sun. This was certainly a dive I will remember.

Performances realized:

Static Apnea
Rnk Top AP RP Pen. Pts. Comp./arr. Date
103 177 04:30 05:31 -- 66.2 DordtDive 2006 2006-06-04

Dynamic Apnea with Fins
Rnk Top AP RP Pen. Pts. Comp./arr. Date
189 328 65 100 -- 50 DordtDive 2006 2006-06-04


AP - Announced Performance
RP - Realized Performance
Pen. - Penalty Points
Pts. - Actual Given Points

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