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Country: Germany
Address: Liverpool/UK
WebSite: visit, Contact by: e-mail
Notes: I always loved being in the water, peace and silence, moving through three dimensions, minimalism, efficiency and all water creatures. And apparently I have big lungs? I wanted to have a go with one of those monofins for a long time - so I did the AIDA 2 star in May/June 2010 with Steve Millard and 'fin'-ally I got my own tail so I can go play with my new friends, the North West Freedivers :) I'd like to get into UW food foraging and move to a warmer climate one day...

Personal bests:
CWT -30m (WS - North West Open Water); DYN (50m pool): 112m; DNF (25m pool): 76m; STA 4:19 mins

Where do I usually dive:
Liverpool Aquatics Centre (and sometimes in Capernwray and at Dorothea Quarry North Wales) with Freedivers UK

Favourite freediving spots:
Koh Tao ('snorkelling' at about -10m)

Best freediving experience:
the last one ;)

Performances realized:
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