Andrew Thomas Tessier
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Country: United Kingdom
Address: 55bis Rte de Landiras F-33210 Toulenne
WebSite: visit, Contact by: e-mail
Notes: Just into it for 4 months... Saw Leferme in a mag about the École de Nice on french tv who said within 3 months one could perform around 4 minutes... So i bought Pelizzari's book and underwent training... Practicing alone or with my children who i coach, i sadly can't learn by experience what it is to feel the depth... What i am really fond of is all the relaxation going around and with it... It is a great discipline which helps me with my snooker! One question to anyone who can answer: what is it that brings one from a 5 mn apnea to 7...mn; is it just dilatation of experience or is there a tip, why not a trick?

Personal bests:
STA06'01'' # DYN 75m.

Where do I usually dive:
my bathroom + swimming pools

Favourite freediving spots:

Best freediving experience:

Performances realized:
No results yet

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