Croatia Rab dive off
from 2008-07-11 to 2008-07-13, place: Island Rab
Organizer: bez boca - Contact: mia rizner, Phone: +38551311337, Mobile: +38598452407

Status: National With Guests ranking - Inscription deadline: 2008-06-30 - Official Web Site

About Rab dive off
It is our great pleasure to invite you to our freediving competition RAB DIVE OFF 2008 11th  to 13th  of July 2008.
 The competition will take place in deep waters around island Rab. The depth limit is not set yet, but so far we guaranty more than 90 meters .
 The competition will be done in accordance to AIDA International rules: AIDA Competitions Regulations, v11.2-eng.  


Competition info:
     When: 11th  – 13th  of July 2008 (13th  July 2008 is a backup day)
     Where: Island Rab , Croatia
     Type: Individual national AIDA competition with guests
     Disciplines: FIM, CWT/CNF
     Other: Depth 90m +, max. 40 competitors
Competition programe:
8th  – 10th  July 2008: organized training
 11th  July 2008, Friday: FIM
 12th  July 2008, Saturday: CWT/CNF  




Mia Rizner, [email protected], +385 98 452 407


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