Denmark Aarhus Triple Challenge (ATC)
from 2008-05-30 to 2008-06-01, place: Silkeborg
Organizer: Kurt Lykke Larsen - Contact: Kurt, Phone: 004575754240, Mobile: 004522306511

Status: National Open ranking and WR - Inscription deadline: 2008-04-24 - Official Web Site

About Aarhus Triple Challenge (ATC)
Aarhus Freedive Club and Svømmecenter Nordvest Silkeborg invite you to a wonderful weekend in Silkeborg! In 2008 ATC will take place in a 50 meter outdoor pool, an 25 meter indoor pool and a 34 degree pool in Silkeborg. The competition will be like three competitions in on. You will get three chances to do a good performce and a good result on the ranking list. The competition is open for alle freedivers with a midical certificate, not older then on yer. Freday the 30/5 from 19.00 to 22.00: STA in the 34 degree pool and DNF in the 25 meter indoor pool. And free grill with sausage ind the evening. Saturday the 31/5 from 10.00 to 17.00: STA in the 34 degree pool, DNF in the 25 meter pool and DYN in the 50 meter pool. And free grill with sausage ind the evening. Sunday the 1/6 from 09.30 to 14.30: STA in the 50 meter outdoor pool, DYN or DNF in the outdoor 50 meter pool. ATC personnel: The 3 jugdes; Susan kluytmans, Pim Vermeulen and Christian Engelbrecht. The best safty team in the world, by Jacob Almtoft. Medical: dokter Martin and dokter Jette. Film by Mathias Lykke Larsen. Payment: Lars Strandridder. And all from the club (AFK) how will spend the weekend working hard for Aarhus Triple Challenge. Accommodation: It will be possible to camp for free, on the grass rigth next to the pools. But ther are also 2 hotels in on kilometer from the pool, if you want. hope to see your all in Silkeborg. Best regards Kurt Lykke Larsen Mail: [email protected] / Telefon: 004522306511  

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