Denmark Aarhus Triple Challenge (ATC) 2012
from 2012-05-18 to 2012-05-20, place: Aarhus
Organizer: Kurt Lykke Larsen - Contact: Kurt, Phone: 004575754240, Mobile: 004522306511

Status: National With Guests - Inscription deadline: 2012-05-18 - Official Web Site

About Aarhus Triple Challenge (ATC) 2012
 Aarhus Triple Challenge is back – this year combined with the Danish Freediving Championship” In 2012, the Open Danish Pool Freediving Championship will be held in Aarhus. This year, the event is combined with the Aarhus Triple Challenge competition, hence qualifying the athletes for the 2012 World Championship team. The disciplines are the classic pool disciplines: STA – static apnea (timed breath holding). DNF – dynamic apnea without fins (underwater distance swimming without any swimming aids). DYN – dynamic apnea with fins (underwater distance swimming with mono fin or bi-fins). For each discipline, the athletes are assigned a point score, based on their results. The athlete with the highest score is announced Danish Champion. However, the competition is gender divided, according to which a male and a female athlete will be awarded the title. All results are ranked according to the AIDA world ranking lists. The competition will take place at Århus Svømmestadion May 18 - 20, 2012. As of now, there is a maximum of 40 athletes – no registration is possible once 40 is reached. Because the event combines Aarhus Triple Challenge and the Danish Championship, for starters registration is open only to Danish athletes. However, provided that the limit has not been reached as per April 18th, registration is open to international athletes. Registration opens shortly. Keep yourself posted on: http://www.facebook.com/#!/events/188531134586322/, www.fridykkerforum.dk. Preliminary program: Friday evening: Briefing on the event. The pool is open for testing. Saturday morning: STA for the male athletes. Saturday before noon: STA for the female athletes. Saturday at noon: DNF for the male athletes. Saturday evening: DNF for the female athletes. Sunday morning: DYN for the female athletes. Sunday at noon: DYN for the male athletes. In contrast to previous events, athletes get only one try in each discipline. The reason is that, this year, two competitions are combined. Requirements: Minimum age is 18. 16 to 17 year old athletes are allowed to compete if their parents consent and take the full responsibility. Athletes are to present a valid medical statement signed by a physician. The medical statement must be signed within a year prior to the competition. It can be downloaded here. To get the results on the official ranking lists, the athlete must be a member of Dansk Sportsdykker Forbund (DSF) and/or AIDA. The competition is open to all athletes regardless of proficiency level and prior results, if any. The event is also open to the public. About the rules: The competition is conducted according the current set of rules defined by AIDA. For more information, contact Camilla Salling Olsen from Århus Fridykkerklub – camillasalling@gmail.com. hope to see your all agin, now in ATC 2012. Best regards Camilla Salling Olsen Mail: camillasalling@gmail.com

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