22 inscribed athletes in Rab dive off 2011


PhotoAthleteFlag CountryStatusPerf.
Ivan Andric; Andric;, Ivan    Serbia and Montenegro (Not Confirmed)Performances Saved
Cizek, David Czech Republic (Confirmed)
Jure Daic Daic, Jure    Slovenia (Not Confirmed)Performances Saved
Sandra Dinic Dinic, Sandra    Serbia and Montenegro (Not Confirmed)
Francisco Gautier Gautier, Francisco    Portugal (Not Confirmed)Performances Saved
Helm, Markus Austria (Not Confirmed)
Samo Jeranko Jeranko, Samo Slovenia (Not Confirmed)Performances Saved
Jereb, Tomaz Slovenia (Confirmed)Performances Saved
Koderman, Antonio Slovenia (Not Confirmed)
Kostomaj, Ales Slovenia (Not Confirmed)
JUNGTAEK LIM LIM, JUNGTAEK Korea, Republic of (Not Confirmed)
Dino  Maksan Maksan, Dino Croatia (Not Confirmed)
Magda Milas Milas, Magda Croatia (Not Confirmed)
Millour, Pascal France (Not Confirmed)
Roman Ondruj Ondruj, Roman Czech Republic (Not Confirmed)
Luka Pengov Pengov, Luka Slovenia (Not Confirmed)Performances Saved
Michal Risian Risian, Michal Slovakia (Confirmed)
Ropret, Andrej    Slovenia (Confirmed)
Spitzbauer, Juergen Austria (Not Confirmed)
Tomislav Svilicic Svilicic, Tomislav    Croatia (Not Confirmed)
Vedrana Vidovic Vidovic, Vedrana    Croatia (Not Confirmed)
Josip Zekan Zekan, Josip Croatia (Not Confirmed)

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